Speeches, Keynotes, and Corporate Workshops

Photo courtesy of Clouse, 2019

An Evening of Astonishment: The Magic Inside You

The ideal opener for your event or conference. During this hour-long performance, Hannibal brings together his singular blend of mind-bending showmanship, contagious enthusiasm, high-voltage delivery, and outside-the-box thinking to encourage audience members to find their natural gifts, break through self-imposed barriers, and achieve their very best.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Hannibal started off as a street performer. Today he brings the lessons he learned in gathering a crowd, gaining trust, and selling his performance to provide lessons in sales, team building, leadership, and… not perfection, but ongoing excellence.


Why Stop There?

Composed for already-successful people.
The traits and actions that brought you to success can be the same traits and actions that are holding you back from climbing higher! This 60-90 minute program provides pointed, counterintuitive insights on leadership and teambuilding. Company-specific suggestions for how to improve are illustrated, based on real-life experience.

Trade Shows, Expos, and Exhibitions

More than Magic – it’s MARKETING!

Attract qualified leads to your trade show exhibit with high-energy magic!

There will be thousands of prospective customers strolling down the aisles - but unless you can stop them, and bring them into your booth, your company will not achieve the full potential of the event. Hannibal’s unique performance style draws and holds potential customers to your booth.

Maximize Attendance in Your Exhibit

Hannibal weaves your product message in with neo-classic sleight-of-hand magic. When he concludes his presentation, the audience is in a receptive frame of mind, everyone has enjoyed hearing your company message, and the ice has been broken. Your sales personnel can then choose the clients they want to approach. Your audience will spend the rest of the day talking about your booth with everyone they meet and bringing back even more contacts for you!

In addition to being an excellent magician, Hannibal is also an excellent representative of your company and your products.

Whether in a trade show, sales meeting, or hospitality suite, you can increase sales, leads, and identity with Hannibal.